Public disclosure: Basel 3 Third Pillar

BancoPosta complies with banking regulations concerning “public disclosure” as laid down in the Bank of Italy’s Circular n° 285, “Prudential Supervisory Provisions for Banks.”

The document “Basel 3, Third Pillar – Public Disclosure”, intended for market use, aims to integrate the Minimum Capital Requirements (First Pillar) with the processes of Prudential Supervision (Second Pillar), reinforcing market discipline through the introduction of a series of transparent disclosure requisites that make it possible for operators to access fundamental information on the risk profiles of various banking entities and on the measures they employ for identifying, analysing and dealing with risks.

These issues are directly regulated by EU Regulation n° 575/2013 (CRR - Capital Requirement Regulation) and its enforcement measures, contained in technical regulation or implementation rules drawn up by the European Commission to discipline specific sectors and issues.