BancoPosta documents

Current Italian legislation considers Poste Italiane in the same category as banks in terms of supervision and disclosure processes, establishing that the activities of BancoPosta (laid down in the Presidential Decree n. 144 dated September 2001) must comply with the rules contained in the current Banking Law and Financial Law which regulate the operations of banks, brokerage companies and other accountable intermediaries.

As stated in the Banking Law, while taking into account specific operative and legislative conditions, BancoPosta’s Assets are subject to the Bank of Italy’s Circular n. 285, which establishes the prudential supervision procedures applied to banks.

In compliance with current regulations, BancoPosta ensures that internal documentation regarding the following subjects are available for disclosure to the public:

  • BancoPosta assets, whose functional rules are listed in the BancoPosta Regulations;
  • Basel 3, Third Pillar – Public Disclosure, especially in terms of public disclosure obligations concerning governance structures, the composition of regulatory capital, the adequacy of company capital, risk exposure and the general features of relative management and supervision systems.