To solve disputes by applying simple, transparent rules

Customers may set the Conciliation procedure in motion by presenting a request via the Consumer Associations belonging to the scheme, or directly at a post office. The request for Conciliation may be presented only if a complaint has already been made and the response provided by Poste Italiane is considered unsatisfactory.



Conciliation for Postal Services.

The Conciliation procedure may be resorted to by individual customers for national and international deliveries (limited to the stretch within Italy) regarding TRACKED correspondence and parcels (Recorded Mail, Insured Mail, Postacelere1plus – Express Courier, Telegrams, Recorded1, Ordinary Parcel, Paccocelere1plus - Express Courier, Paccocelere3, Paccocelere Maxi, international Ordinary Parcel, QPE and EMS, Paccocelere International) and services for the recipient (Seguimi, Dimmi quando). The Conciliation Procedure may be requested for disputes of up to € 600



Conciliation for BancoPosta Accounts

The Conciliation procedure may be requested by holders of a BancoPosta Current Account (physical persons) for complaints regarding: - charges and commissions - value dates of deposits and credits - value dates of withdrawals and debits - terms of availability – authentication of cheques – other charges – fiscal charges - Postamat Maestro cards


Conciliation for Postemobile Services

For the Conciliation procedure regarding Postemobile services, consult the Postemobile website

Conciliation for Postevita policies

For the Conciliation procedure regarding the index linked policies of the Programma Dinamico series, consult the Postevita website

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