Complaints regarding Postal Services – Complaints regarding the services and products provided in post offices

If you are not satisfied with a Poste Italiane product or service, you can send a complaint in one of the ways listed below:

  • by handing in the form to a post office
  • by sending it to Casella Postale 160 00144 Roma (Rm)
  • by filling out the Online form (italian version)
  • by calling the toll-free number 803.160*

  • It is important to fill out all fields of the form, following the indications provided in the Quality Charter (italian version).

    If you have already presented a complaint and are not satisfied with Poste Italiane’s response, you may present a request for Conciliation.

To view the documentation, .pdf, or .swf format, you must have the dedicated software, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Registered Office

Viale Europa, 190

00144 Rome - Italy

Tel. +39 06 5958.1

Fax +39 065958.9100


Poste Italiane: Balancing innovation and tradition

The profound process of renewal undergone by Poste Italiane in the last decade has allowed the company to improve the quality and extend the range of services offered [...]


The organisational model adopted by Poste Italiane comprises both Business and Corporate areas [...]


Poste Italiane's mission is to become a high-added-value service provider that optimises its fundamental assets and in particular its extensive presence throughout the country in order to meet the specific needs of all categories of customers [...]


Customer satisfaction, trust, ethics, integration, professionalism, drive, innovation.
These are the seven guiding values for the near future on which the company's actions will be based, and which will help to strengthen a sense of identity and belonging within it.[...]

* calls free from landline phones; calls free from mobiles only for information regarding PosteMobile. For information of all other kinds, customers calling from mobiles should call 199.100.160. The cost of calls depends on the operator used, up to a maximum of € 0.60 per minute plus a connection charge of € 0.15.