Sending abroad - Express Mail Service (EMS)

The express courier service for sending your parcels


Express Mail Service

  • you can send parcels of up to 30 kg to about 175 countries worldwide from all enabled post offices

  • fast delivery times, thanks to the simplified customs procedures

  • deliveries monitored

With EMS you can send goods, objects and documents from any enabled post office.

You can send goods, objects and documents with EMS from any enabled post office to 175 countries worldwide, once you have filled out the Waybill and enclosed the pertinent customs documents.

You can be sure your parcel will be delivered to the recipient only if the regulations governing content and the related exclusions have been complied with.

Average delivery times

Average delivery times vary from 2 to 5 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) plus the day of postage, depending on the country of the recipient and notwithstanding the completion of any required customs procedures.

These times may be subject to change for particular locations.

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted for calculating delivery times.

Mail accepted on Saturdays will be posted on the following Monday, if this is a working day.

In some countries, mail may be delivered to the relevant post office rather than the recipient’s address.



You can request our insurance for risks relating to transport, acceptance and delivery.

Our services provides full support for sending traditional and online mail. We’ll help you with everything from information on products to monitoring deliveries.

How to send mail

For full information on how to package and send mail.

Customs documents

For full information on customs charges and on the declarations you must send together with your mail.